Discovery 3 Air Suspension Override Pneumatics Parts Mounting Kit

Mounting Brackets & Box Kit for your Land Rover Discovery 3 Air Suspension pneumatic override components

Install the pneumatic components in a secure and accessible manor, under the bonnet (front air bags) and inside the rear of the vehicle (rear air bags)

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Prepare & protect your vehicle from an Air Suspension Failure before you go on an adventure, by properly fit your suspension override components with these specifically designed parts for Land Rover Discovery 3

Using these brackets & box, you can mount the pneumatic parts needed for your override system in secure and easily accessible locations

Actual pneumatic components need to be purchase separately, but a guide with the pneumatic schematics and parts needed is available for download from the download section on this page

Kit components:

  • 2x under bonnet brackets for the front air bags (1x LH & 1x RH)
    • These brackets clip into the bonnet catch apertures (no screws required)
    • 4x stainless steel nuts & bolts for securing the pneumatic valves
  • 1x surface mounted box for the rear air bags
    • This box houses the components for both rear air bags, sits nicely under the 2nd row seat swab and screws to the seat base plastic cover with 4 screws (can be fitted elsewhere depending on your vehicle set up)
    • 4x black screws for the mounting box


  • Under bonnet brackets simply clip into the apertures around your bonnet catches.
    • Note - the bracket design is quite complicated to fit and lock into the apertures with the components, there are 3 moveable locking legs, 1x 20mm wide in the centre/front which is used as the main leg for bracket security, insertion and removal and 2x smaller legs, one at each side of the bracket.  Care must be taken not to break the 2 smaller locking legs on either side of the bracket during insertion and removal
  • Rear box, is screwed into the plastic seat base cover, you only need pilot holes for the screws, then turn the screws in by screwdriver
    • Note - Components inside the box, are held in position by dedicated holes and/or sliding pads, once the box is closed nothing can come out of position or rattle
  • Installation of the override itself is possible by the competent DIY mechanic, but you will need to de-pressurize the air suspension and be able to remove/install any required interior/exterior vehicle parts etc

Notes & Disclaimer:

These brackets:

  • Are 3D printed from high temp/UV resistant plastic, they have normally visible 3D printed layers and post processing by hand associated marks
  • Front bracket hardware is stainless steel
  • Rear box hardware is coated steel (for use inside vehicle use)
  • Pneumatic components used in the design of these parts are by SANG A manufacturer, other manufacturer part dimensions may differ slightly, so check everything fits correctly before, during and after assembly/installation
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