End Caps - Short with harness holders

Accessory roof rail end caps incorporating a harness guide that replace the original LR end caps on Discovery 3 & 4

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These ‘End Cap’ kits compliment your harness management by securing your roof harnesses right at the end of the roof rail and guide the harnesses coming from the roof rail, towards the D-Pillar routing point to behind the rear light clusters

End caps are secured with just one bolt per side through the existing hole used by the old end caps. Note - You may need to slightly modify the hole in the rail to fit the new M6 bolt, please read through the notes below for more information

Available in Black (or Silver to order)

These parts are 3D printed from UV resistant plastic, they have visible 3D printed layers and post processing by hand related marks, hence the part does not have a smoothed/polished appearance and no two parts are completely identical



  • Unscrew and remove the original end cap and replace it with the new one/s


  • Your original end cap screws may be heavily rusted and may need drilling out for removal of the end caps
  • These new end caps are secured to the rails via the original end cap screw holes, the end caps have stabile dimensions, but the tolerance of original hole/position is quite poor, before attempting to screw the new supplied M6 bolt to the new end cap, check that you can fully see the whole thread in the new end cap through the rail itself, if you can’t, you may need to file out the rail hole slightly for correct fitment. (The rail is made of aluminium, so is not difficult to modify with a small file, but only remove the least amount of material required)
  • End caps are sided
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Brand name: 3DP Designs
Category: Roof Rail End Caps
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