Linear LD Mounting Bracket Kit

Mounting kits to connect LED linear lamps (up to 300g) with M6 mounting holes (similar as pictured), directly to the original roof rails on the vehicle

Available in Black (or Silver to order)

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These mounting kits are specifically designed to fit lamp brackets with M6 holes (as normally supplied by the lamp manufacturer) directly to the standard roof rails on Land Rover Discovery 3 & 4, the kits also include integrated harness holders on the rear mounting pads to aid harness management along the roof rail

As the lamps are mounted directly to pads on the roof rails, they add very little height to your vehicle, on the pictured vehicle the top of the lamp is less than 40mm above the roof rails

Low height means you are more likely to fit your vehicle into a domestic sized garage and the top of the lamps are lower than most roof bars, so do not obstruct the items you normally fit on top of the bars e.g. roof tents, boxes etc

Roof rail height is a very practical mounting position for flood lighting of camping & working areas and lamps can sit in-between an awning and the top of the roof allowing the lights to be functional even whilst the awning is extended

Kit includes parts needed to fit 2 lamps (actual lamps and cable ties not included)

Easy fitting with only basic tools, these parts just slide into the existing T-tracks via the main entry points in the rails and are fixed by (low torque) M6 locking nuts

Max lamp weight of 300g (each)

Made with UV resistant material for outdoor use, combined with A2 grade stainless steel hardware, these parts will not rust/discolour your rail (a picture of all supplied parts is included in the pictures section)

Fitting is simple, but an instructions guide is available for download (please see the ‘Related Files’ icon, next to the ‘Description’ icon above this text block



Some parts are sided, so all kits assume 1 set for LH & 1 set for RH roof rail

Reference pictures are using basic LED linear lamps available from eBay/Amazon etc.

LD Only - If you intend to use heavier/high-end LED lamps we recommend you use the stronger Linear HD kit, HD kit still has M6 mounting holes, but has a locking feature built into the front pads, locking the lamp into a rail void stopping any movement of the lamp forward or backward along the rail

All plastic parts are 3D printed from UV resistant material, they have visible 3D printed layers and post processing by hand related marks, hence the parts do not have a smoothed/polished appearance and no two parts are completely identical

It is possible to smooth the surface of the brackets as to modify to your own needs, but explanation how is not within the scope of this sale

We recommended using thread lock on the fasteners, to help stop parts coming loose under vibration through hard body movements

Parts are manufactured and stored in the Czech Republic by 3DP Designs.

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Brand name: 3DP Designs
Category: Linear Lamp Mounts
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