Seat Height Adjuster Lock

Manual seat height adjuster lock for Land Rover Discovery 3

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Manual seat adjustment lock for Land Rover Discovery 3

This lock stops your seat lowering each time you enter the vehicle and unknowingly touch the seat adjustment lever lowering the seat height

Manual adjusting seats only

Is available in LHD/ RHD & Black/Silver


Raise your seat to your desired height simply slide the lock under/behind your seat lever in the position as shown on the picture, gently press the adjustment lever down multiple times to seat the lock in its natural position.


All plastic parts are 3D printed from UV resistant material, they have visible 3D printed layers and post processing by hand related marks, hence the parts do not have a smoothed/polished appearance and no two parts are completely identical

It is possible to smooth the surface of the brackets as to modify to your own needs, but explanation how is not within the scope of this sale

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