UK Purchases

Unfortunately, unless you are UK VAT registered, due to Brexit & UK VAT regulations, for the time being the minimum order for UK GBP is £136 (including shipping costs). This also means, that the customer needs to pay UK VAT for their items as they come through UK customs (you will pay zero VAT at check out in the e-shop).

At time of writing, there are no other Customs & Excise duties to pay other than UK VAT on any products sold in this e-shop. 

Your parcel will be delivered by DPD, but either DPD or a local authority will contact you (using the contact data you used in your order) as the package arrives at border control, they will manage the customs side of things, but will ask you to pay the VAT, after the VAT is paid your parcel will be cleared and delivered to you as normal.


Small Business Opportunity:

I am looking for a partner in UK to store, distribute and cooperate with selling the LR items in this e-shop, this role is for a hobbyist/club member or small business add-on as all parts are low volume, but if you are interested please email me

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